Google : A New Company

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Google, created on 27 September 1998, the company is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Bing and is mainly known through the monopolistic situation of its search engine historically is challenging by yahoo! And Bing, but also by some of its emblematic software, such as Google Earth.
Last summer, the research giant created a new company called Alphabet, which oversees all activities of the group, the new company Alphabet remains with Google which takes its independence. For the first time, Google 's financial results have been published by Alphabet.
The new division does not change much, considering its merger and its proximity with Google, since Google 's revenues still represent the overwhelming majority of Alphabet 's revenues. So on the year 2015, the traditional branch of the company that includes the search engine, YouTube, advertising, but also Android and Google Maps reported $ 74.5 billion, when other activities such as Nest, fiber Optical Fiber or Google X that finance the wildest projects, reported only $ 448 million.
Its other activities were deficit with losses for the year to the tune of $ 3.6 billion. Not the company only has not yet made a profit on these ancillary activities, but these activities are even more expensive this year. This is not enough to affect Alphabet 's annual results, however, as the company has a very positive record, both for the last quarter and for the year 2015. Annual profits thus reach $ 23.4 billion, compared to 19 billion announced

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