Google A Web Based Search Engine For The Internet

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Back in 1996 two students from Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, credited a web-based search engine for the internet. The program 's first name was Backrub and was later changed to Google in 1998. Google is one of the best known and admired companies in the world. Their search engine on the internet today usually gets 1 billion searches per day. Google grew from 10 employees working in a garage to over 10,000 employees worldwide. Google was the first to put the customer first into their internet search engines. Their mission statement “To organize the world 's information and to make it universally accessible and useful.” Google makes it their commitment to end-user needs. While all the other search engines were trying to increase they 're advertising revenue. Google went the other direction and left just their search bar on the title screen and made sure there were no ads. They resisted on pop-up advertising, they felt that it was annoying to the users they insisted they would have sponsored links for their advertising. They really wanted to put emphasize on improving customer experience than putting the revenue first. In order to compete with Microsoft and Yahoo, Google wanted to employ the power of differentiation to create a competitive advantage over its competitors. They wanted the advantage of having faster response times, and greater scalability at lower costs on which making them the most used search engines in the world. A
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