Google And Its Relationship With China

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Opening The quick advancement and progress of the internet across the world has led to many great opportunities for American business. However, this advancement has pushed the bounds for some countries on their stance for the free flow of information. This has been the problem for Google and its relationship with China. The restrictions set up by the Chinese government go against the ideas and ethics of Google. However, the presence of Google will likely help push political change by opening some doors for accessing information. This will also have the added opportunity of maximizing Google’s corporate interests. Stats and numbers China has the fastest growing internet base with around 632 million of its citizens online as of…show more content…
A business holds its responsibility to the investors with the end goal of producing profit, but this can be considered to constrictive. Strictly running for profit might not be the main goal for some, employees, stakeholders or customers. This could help give a positive image for the company and its investors. Also, Google has not created its enormous value by making shareholder value the main purpose. “Maximizing profits is an end from the private point of view; it is a means from the social point of view.”(friedman) A system based on private property and free markets help enable people to use their resources in the most valued way. To build a strong and efficient network infrastructure China will need private business, entrapanuers and shareholders to invest freely. If they are in disagreement with the company they are free to sell their stock. The same goes for customers and their choice to vote with their dollars. Many companies have been created with the purpose to maximize profits for their investors. It is also simply good business for a company to provide for its customers social benefit as long as it’s done by their own choice and not pressured. It is not the job of the company to be altruistic and is the benefit of the company to work towards its own needs. Things have changed over time in the There is no obligation to social responsibility, only in the way of shared values and responsibilities
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