Google And Its Search Engine

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Nowadays, internet has become the most important source of information which enables people to access information across borders. In IT sector, Google Inc. can be considered as a leading provider of search engine in the world with its mission to offer valuable information to all users universally. In order to achieve this objective, Google needs to implement effective marketing approaches through its business strategy. Marketing mix approach tends to be one of marketing method that Google could apply for its business strategy. However, using only this method might not help Google to succeed sustainability.
This paper attempts to examine several marketing approaches, apart from marketing mix method, which could lead Google to achieve in a digital environment. In this paper, it will highlight on search engine tool as it is main product of Google that has significantly contributed to its success. Firstly, this paper will discuss on an inefficiency of using marketing mix. Secondly, it will discuss on other marketing approaches and how Google should consider for achieving sustainability.

Google and its search engine
Search engine of Google has brought great benefits to all users for gathering ubiquitous information. With its unique capabilities, more than 180 internet domains and 130 languages are provided in search interface respectively. Considering Google practice, it has emphasised on offering exceptional experiences for its users more than its

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