Google And The Google Search Engine Essay

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Google 's Rise to Prominence Want to find the answer to a difficult and complex linear algebra problem that seems unsolvable? Google it. Want to find out how to officially join Justin Bieber fan club? Google it. Want to find out who Justin Bieber is? Google it. Not long ago, people had to go to the library to search for information. Nowadays, people get their information from search engines through the Internet. Google has become the new library to quickly access information. If a question pops up in our head, we just have to Google it and we instantly get the answer. How did Google become so popular and successful? The Google search engine became popular because of its superior algorithm that produces quick and relevant search results. Google used its search engine 's popularity to capitalize using ads called Adwords and AdSense. As a result, the Google search engine is the most successful and widely used search engine in history. The Google search engine was designed by two Stanford University graduates Larry Page and Sergey Brin. An article in St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture entitled “Google” summarizes the rise of Google 's popularity in society. According to the article, Google was initially called BackRub, but was changed to Google in 1997; a mathematical term called googol, which is the numerical one followed by one hundred zeros. The term reflects Page and Brin 's mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web. In 1998, PC

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