Google Android's Smartphone Superiority over Apple's IOS Essay

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If you are a dedicated iPhone consumer you must realize that you have basically bought the same phone over and over again. It is time to trash the iPhone and get a new Android. Although Apple’s tyrannical iPhones took the cake by far in the beginnings of the smartphone revolution, Google Android soon came in to assert its dominance over the now pathetic iPhone, much like an omega-wolf taking down an alpha-wolf to become the new leader of the pack. With Android’s wide variety of smartphones, like the well-known Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, consumers have more options than ever. Also, the Android phones themselves are unequivocally better when it comes to customizability. On Apple’s part, software features are severely lagging; Whereas,…show more content…
The customizability of Android, in comparison to the iPhone, is like comparing a rich man to a peddler. Android is rich with customizability options like the ability to root, which basically gives you the privilege to do whatever you want to your phone by the way of software customization(Black Dog Media Limited 96). If you are not at all knowledgeable of how to operate a smartphone, most Android smartphones have an available “easy” mode on it, which makes the phone as easy to use as a Jitterbug. However, Apple, the peddler in this circumstance, has few customizability features which are limited to folders, home and lock screen background changes, a favorite’s bar at the bottom and changing the order of the apps, all of which use to set Apple apart; however, now Android devices can do as well.
Android devices have so many available features (refer to list) and more (Kovach, “11 Things Samsung's Galaxy S4 Can Do That The iPhone 5S Can't”). After hearing this how many of you would rush to the Apple Store if it included these features? Probably almost all of you, but the iPhone does not include these features. Instead Apple has only a limited number of features and options, which create a less user friendly interface than that of its Android competitor.
Apple negatively affects its users
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