Google Australia: A Great Place to Work If You Have the Right Stuff

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Google Australia: A Great Place to Work if You Have the Right Stuff
Just a few years ago, the term "Google Australia" would likely have drawn blank stares from most people, but more recently the term has come to define one of the best places to work around in general and in Australia in particular. In fact, Google Australia has already established a prominent presence in Australia and New Zealand, and the company's performance to date suggests that it is well poised to take advantage of the growing numbers of Aussies and Kiwis who are turning to the Internet for many of their consumer and professional needs. The company's growth has been attributed in part to the fact that it seeks out the best talent available and goes to great lengths to retain them, including some seemingly lavish accoutrements and perquisites that might make Nero blush with envy but which may appear less than cost effective to the casual observer. To determine the effectiveness of Google Australia's human resource initiatives in this area, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed literature, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.
Review and Discussion Across the board, Google Australia has become an important part of life for many Australians and New Zealanders in recent years, including the way they pursue their living and education (Colin, 2005). In many ways, though, the enormous value of Google in general is difficult to

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