Google Case Analysis

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Kimberly Weatherspoon
September 22, 2011
Capstone Course

Google Case: Discussion

Google’s mission to organize, and make all information accessible and useful to its users drives Google’s strategies to expand into new markets, gather further information, and make that information available in a beneficial, valuable manner. Google's objectives are to grow, expand into international markets, and continue developing new products such as new advertising technology. Strategically, Google differentiates themselves by focusing on the core product of search services and has benefited from a competitive advantage in "faster response times, and greater economies of scale,” which translates into lower costs. Therefore,
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Either there would be a great deal of pressure on the Chinese government for some type of reform from its citizens to reevaluate and revamp the censorship regulations (probably unlikely); or the people of China would only have exposure to the government’s internet server. The Chinese government would subsequently benefit from this by owning 100% of the market with no competition. The government could fundamentally restrict the information that the Chinese people have access to even more in this situation due to the fact that there are no other search options available in the market. A government monopoly internet provider would eventually create an information vacuum that only includes information the government wants (as oppose to allows) its constituents to obtain. This situation would reflect one where entry barriers are high and exit barriers are low so that new companies would have to work so hard to enter that it might prove a deterrent for new entrants. Factually, the people of China however would lose from this arrangement because of the inability to have other search options, and essentially only have privy to the information the government supplies for the citizens.

The third decision is whether to participate in self-censorship, government-censorship, or try to continue to distribute its content “as-is” and possibly face fines, or

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