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A Case Study of Google

Executive Summary
This report provides a discussion of how Google is such a success from a motivational theory perspective. The way Google motivates its employees and leads them to develop and create a new world is unique. Because the company, the founders and all employees share the same value and vision. What Google provides is not a job; it’s a place where their employees dream can come true. That motivates all employees constantly pushing the limits and broadened our imagination.
The report also investigates Google’s hiring practices and job design principles. Google has its very own hiring practices, which allow them to find out the best candidates fit for various aspects of this business. The founders
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Those three points also indicates their respect to customers’ needs, show us their fast-paced and focused working environment. As long as they know what customers want, they tried their best to perfect their work because ‘There’s always more information out there’, ‘The need for information crosses all borders’ and ‘Great just isn’t good enough’. All Googlers have great passion in what they do and they actually are having fun in Google. They believe ‘You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer’ and ‘You can be serious without a suit’. That’s why Google can ‘Make money without doing evil’ (Google).
Those ten points all illustrate Google’s culture. The definition between having fun and working hard seems vague in this company. All employees are encouraged to work hard, play hard and be innovative.

Google’s motivation
We admit that every employee in Google is the best of the best, but they are not the only reason of Google’s success. All that talent is meaningless unless employees have been fully motivated and product their best outcomes on the project.
All the employees in Google are well known as ‘Googlers’. And they are proud of this nickname! They call themselves ‘Googlers’ out of their great love and belongingness to this company. Their suggestions, opinions, and decisions will influence the final decision of the company. All Googlers share the same value with the founders as well as this company. The founders never let
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