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Human Resource Management Individual Report January 2013 Introduction Managing Human Resources effectively has become vital to organizations within the modern and fast paced business environment. Today’s market demands knowledge innovation and trust more than mere comparative analysis of sales/services and market share, and the hierarchy of the centre and periphery model is evolving into a different paradigm. Human Resources specialists are more important in business strategies today as there’s a change in market dynamics; more so in the present economic situation of a global recession and downturn across industries as economies around the world are globally connected and interdependent. An organization with performance…show more content…
Hiring the right people is a key HR philosophy at Google and it has created the phenomenon in recruiting by developing the world’s first “recruiting culture” (from top to down level employees) that is completely different from everyone else. Getting the job is no easy task as they only take the incredibly talented workers from all over the globe, preferring ability over experience. Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, said Google has brought in candidates as many as 16 times before ultimately letting them in. Schmidt provided a little more insight about recruiting tools used by Google. (As shown below) Recruiting tools of Google Employee referral | Google’s referral program is without any industry leading features, but the company’s strong brand coupled with its highly enthusiastic workforce makes up for weaknesses in the program. | College recruitment | Google hires a large number of PhDs on the premise that they enjoy exploring areas that no one else has explored. To accomplish this, they have developed a network of direct relationships with over 350 professors at major schools. In addition, Google has an outstanding internship program that has a very high conversion rate to permanent hires. | Professional networking | Google also effectively uses networking groups like Linkedin and other live professional events to recruit top performers. | Recruiter training |
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