Google Case Study

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● What were the key factors behind Google's early success?
● Do you expect the search business to become more concentrated (i.e.: dominated by fewer firms)?
● Is search a winner-take-all business?
● In renewing its deal with AOL, could Google afford to pay AOL more than 100% of the revenue generated from AOL searches?
● How did Microsoft's maximum affordable bid for AOL's search traffic compare to Google's?
In addition to enhancing its core search business, should Google also branch out into new arenas? Which of the follow would you recommend:
● Building a full-fledged portal like Yahoo's;
● Targeting Microsoft's desktop hegemony; and / or
● Becoming an e-commerce intermediary like eBay?

Presentation of the company
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They think that they have only 5% of the information they could reference. They are developing a technology which will make this mission easier.

Examples:, broadcast yourself
1. Make the search engine easier to use.
2. Increase the time the users will spend on Google.
3. Build a competitive advantage regarding stock information and acquisitions.

Gmail: an alternative choice to Outlook
Mail service on the web is one of the most important tools for the users. This is the way they will get an access to the Google’s tools.

Picasa: Provide a better organization for our digital life:
Provide a tool to manage online pictures and organize (store) our important datas.

Google Desktop:
Navigate in your computer as you were on Google.

The Google reflex:
It represents already 56% of the internet search refferals. 1st search engine in the world.
Google invests annually more than 500 millions $ in resarch and development. The better the communication will be, the better the clients will be attracted.

Google really wants to be the first actors in each area it is investing.
Lead in search and drive innovation in research.

Leader on this market, Google needs to careful on the fact that search does not become a good. It's its core business; they created the brand based on this concept: being the best search engine, which provide the best results. Because of the important

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