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The phrase “Google it” has become an everyday part of our vocabulary when it comes to looking up any and all information. What google has created is much more than a simple search engine. They’ve created a brand that has changed marketing in general. Google ADwords is an online advertising service. What google has done is created a level playing field for all advertisers, from small start-up companies to large fortune 500 companies. Adwords is Google’s main source of revenue. In 2012 Googles advertising revenue was about $43.7 billion. I think the personally the pricing aspect of Google’s marketing has been key to making it very successful. For example, you have thousands of people that walk through a major mall such as Roosevelt Field…show more content…
Certain things Yahoo has to offer show’s that there’s still room for growth with Google. Yahoo has its own question and answer forums, where users can ask other users any question and receive responses. Yahoo also has a careers section. Those who are looking for a job can use yahoo has a resource. There are so many more uses that Yahoo has to offer. They have their own finance, politics, fashion, travel, dating, sports and even top stories that are trending now. So even though ad words allows you to reach your target crowd more directly, Yahoo offers a site with many different uses and purposes which may in turn drawn in larger and more diverse crowds that would use their search engine as a result. These are all areas of opportunity that Google and it’s advertisers may be able to benefit from. I do believe there are some threats that Google is facing. OPTING OUT could be a potential pitfall for google. This goes hand in hand with Americans growing concern for their lack of privacy. There’s been a growing animosity in our culture to a feeling of always being monitored or tracked. Retargeting is huge for Google, however the logistics behind Retargeting is done by tracking users cookies. Controversy has been stirring for some time about how much of our information is being unknowingly tracked and monitored and its trickling down to things that may be as simple as consumers not wanting their every movement online tracked. That being said

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