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Google Case Study
Taylor Anderson, Trenton Moses, Jacob Pyeatte, and Nicole Simon
Southeast Missouri State University

Google is a large corporation that leads the business world in providing a high-quality work environment for its employees. This paper will discuss the benefits Google provides to its employees, how the company is able to provide said benefits, and the human resource policies and strategies implemented within the company. Furthermore, this piece will offer answers to several questions asked at the conclusion of the textbook article as well as provide facts and suggestions regarding Google’s corporate structure and policies by referencing primary sources and using personal feedback from the authors.

Google Case
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Even though Google is a very team-oriented company and it is important to consider who would work best with the current team, it can also be ineffective if all team members think the exact same way. Furthermore, the process of the interview program is too much for most people. One female executive who interviewed for a managerial position with Google eventually pulled out of the interview process because she couldn’t afford to keep taking full days off work to do interviews with Google (Lai, 2006, pp. 1-61). Since Google requires candidates to go through multiple interviews over a lengthy amount of time, it deters those great candidates who could be in desperate need of a job. In addition, Google’s lengthy interview process also allows its competition to pick up candidates if the competitor is able to make an offer before Google (Lai, 2006, pp. 1-61). Not to mention, the interviews themselves are very structured and can be a deterrent as well. Even for temporary positions, applicants have had to face an interview board of six to ten Google employees (Lai, 2006, pp. 1-61). While these may issues may deter some candidates, others believe that Google’s minor reforms are a good idea and can bring in a plethora of new candidates.
Since Google is highly selective of its employees, correlating traits from current employee’s answers saves Google time and money. It allows Google to narrow down exactly what the company looks for in a

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