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SWOT Analysis: SWOT analysis is used to strategically plan and identify a company?s internal strengths and weaknesses and the external environment that creates opportunities and threats. Company?s use their external opportunities to reinforce internal strengths and improve internal weaknesses in an attempt to achieve organization goals. The internal factors of strengths and weaknesses are measured by its impact on the goals and objectives of the organization. A company's strengths are its resources and any other developments that can create a competitive advantage. Some of the internal factors are part of the marketing mix - product, price, plan, and promotion. The non existence of specific strengths may also be categorized as a…show more content…
Weaknesses: Google's tendency to solve engineering problems instead of user problems - Google has had a tendency to lack follow up on certain projects causing problems for users and employees. Always inventing and reinventing new engineering projects, Google employees sometimes push other projects aside in hopes for new breakthroughs. Google's contextual ads continuously targeted by click fraud Google is constantly contested by click fraud which is an internet crime that occurs when some illegitimate source pretends to be user and clicks on pay per click ads. This accumulates the charge per click without any knowledge or interest in the link. Google's failed efforts offline ? Google has struggled to penetrate other markets such as print media. Its attempt to purchase and auction off advertising space in various magazines has also been unsuccessful. Most researchers determine print media as a less effective and slower response printing tactic. Google has revolutionized online and rapid response advertising and are continuing their attempt to upgrade print media advertising. Opportunities: Advertising partnership with Yahoo ? With recent discussions between Microsoft and Yahoo, top officials for both companies have spoken in attempt to form a partnership. Discussions now revolve around Yahoo potentially using Google?s search program as well as their ad system with revenues split between the two. Experimental

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