Google Case Study

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BUMA 1001 Introduction to Modern Business and Management

Company Analysis



Buma 1001

Google Case Study


Google has managed to become one of the most successful and respected companies in the world, gaining credit for their exceptional performance and contribution to society. Google managed to do all of this in just over a 10 year period, a time span in which no other company has made such an immense progress. The company employs thousands of talented people, coming from all around the world, and it is truly amazing how fast it got there with the fact that it was a two-men college project. The following is a company analysis of Google which will present you with facts, point of views and ideas regarding it. These are
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This is a smart business idea for both parts (advertiser and consumer) because the user is naturally interested in what he or she is searching for and the ads are therefore lucrative. The advertiser’s ads will at the same be much more efficient and the probability that the user looks them up is much greater when they appear on corresponding searches. Google’s products are divided in five (+two) sub-categories: 1. Search 2. Communicate - show & share. 3. Enhance your computer 4. Explore & innovate 5. Go mobile a. (Bonusx2) Advertising (The actual money-makers)

The full range of products and services:
1. Google WebSearch Google Image Search Google Book Search Google Scholar Google Base Google Finance Google News Personalized Homepage and Search Google Co-op and Custom Search Google Video and YouTube 2. Communication, Collaboration and Communities: Google Docs & Spreadsheets Google Calendar Gmail Google Groups orkut Blogger 3. Downloadable applications: Google Desktop Google Pack Google Toolbar 4. Google GEO: Google Earth Google Maps Google Sketchup and Sketchup Pro Google Checkout a. Google AdSense 5. Google Mobile: Google Maps for Mobile Blogger for Mobile Google Gmail, News and Personalized Home for Mobile Google Labs a. Google AdWords


Buma 1001

Google Case Study

Mission statement and goals

Google’s very short but explicit mission statement is the following: “To

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