Google Culture and Success

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1. Analyze the organizational culture at Google and how it contributed to its success

In his book Organizational Culture and Leadership, Schein defines the culture as: “The climate and practices that organizations develop around their handling of people, or to the espoused values and credo of an organization”.
We can analyze Google’s organizational culture thought Ouchi’s framework. Ouchi studied three different company’s culture and saw that the differences between those explained a part of the company’s success. Depending on his theory it seems that Google Inc. is the type Z US firms.

Cultural characteristics Type J (Japonese model) Type A (typical American model Type Z (credited American model)
Commitment to employees Life
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In order to improve creativity, Google implemented a participative leadership. This means that everyone in the company brings ideas and share opinions on the company’s intranet.
This system makes the employees feel considered and valued, and increases their motivation. Moreover, employees who took part in the decision making feel they own a part of the project and therefore are more willing to work on it.
Google’s R&D teams having to solve complex technological issues, using this democratic and participative structure allows workers to share their opinions, ideas, suggestions, and therefore be more efficient in the creative process.
Google’s leadership culture has often been criticized but it is the reason why this company as been so successful.

3. Analyze the relationship between organizational culture and leadership at Google
Schein explains in its book, Organizational culture and leadership (2004), that the capacity of the leaders to ensure the group is the most important thing in the definition of a strong and lasting leadership. Culture first begins with the leadership imposing its values to a group. Then once the culture set in an organization, it will define the leadership, and how future leaders will have to behave to follow the “code”. But the leadership also has to make the culture evolve with time.
Leaders come with an idea and want to create a group to
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