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Running head: GOOGLE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Google Executive Summary Joey D. Finley, Eric Epps, Alexis Barnes University of Phoenix ACC/280 Facilitator: Glenn Purcell Google Executive Summary Google, comes from the word "googol," a mathematical value for a number representing 100 zeros following the numeral 1. Using that term reflected the founder’s undertaking to sort out in an organized manner the virtually never ending quantity of information that was put on and searched for on the web. The two guys that came up with, Larry Page and Sergey Brin first became aquatinted at a Stanford campus orientation 1995. 22 year old Larry, a U Michigan grad, is contemplating attending Stanford and 21 year old, already student Sergey is the…show more content…
This order is most appropriate because it simplifies the reader’s experience; a randomly ordered list of assets would be less intuitive. The two largest currents assets were cash and cash equivalents, and marketable securities. Total Liabilities Google’s total liabilities during the fiscal years of 2008 to 2009 increased from 3,528,713 to 4,492,554, resulting in an increase of 963,841 total liabilities. The increase in liabilities was a result from the increase in accounts payable from the annual period of December 31st, 2008 at 2,084,006 to 2,462,387 reported in December 31st, 2009, as well as all other liabilities rising from 294,175 in 2008 to 1,703,469 in 2009. One decrease between the two annual period endings was the long term debt, which was 890,115 but no long term debt was reported in 2009. Revenues Google’s revenues have also increased over the past three annual period endings, and some of the factors that play into that increase are the increases in traffic acquisition costs, data center costs, and credit card fees. Total revenue in December of 2007 was reported at $16,593,986 and in December of 2008 it was reported at $21,795,550. The latest annual report was in December of 2009 and that was reported at $23,650,563. International revenues for Google have played a big role into this increase in revenue over the past three annual period
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