Google Glass : A Poorly Designed And Distracting Augmented Reality Device

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Emma Duncliffe
COMM 3545
November 3, 2016

Google Glass: A Poorly Designed and Distracting Augmented Reality Device
According to the New York Times, from the time of it’s release in 2012, Google Glass went from being the hottest new wearable technology item, to one that users complained about and didn’t really see a use for (Bilton, 2015). Google Glass is an augmented reality device, which refers to virtual representations super imposed on physical objects or locations, that is primarily used by early adopters, deemed by Google as “Glass Explorers”, which allows for access of text messages, directions, and even the use of a camera (Fox, 2016; Glass Explorers, 2015). According to the Technology Acceptance Model, adoption of a product can be predicted by two factors. The first factor is the perceived usefulness of the product, which depends on the person, and the second factor is the perceived ease of use of the product (Fox, 2016). Google Glass was removed from shelves in 2015, indicating that it was not necessarily perceived as useful or easy to use. Because of it’s complicated, confusing and unattractive design with unnatural mapping, as well as its risk as a distraction, Google Glass is not a well-designed product.
The first thing we noticed after opening the Google Glass box was the lack of directions that came along with the product. We were surprised to find just a small piece of cardboard with a few “simple” steps. When we removed the glasses frame from the box, we

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