Google Inc : A Search Engine

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Introduction Google Inc. started on September 8, 1998 with founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. When Sergey and Larry first started google they had no idea that it would become such a hit. For instance, When Larry and Sergey were in college Google was nothing more than an experiment. After experimenting with Google, it would later become the largest and most used search engine in the World as well as one of the hottest tech companies to work, for. The company would not only become the largest search engine in the, world, but it would also redefine the word search engine and employer. As well redefining the word search engine and employer google would also introduce new faces to the company. Most people think of a search engine as a software system that is designed to search, for information over the internet. Other people may think of a search engine to make their daily lives easier. However, Google INC has done just that. Google has done both of those things by combining a search engine with devices that many people use in their daily lives. Because Google has incorporated such technology they have become very successful. For instance, Google is a United State’s based search engine that has grown into a multibillion dollar empire(GALE). In 2014 Google was, so successful that its market share worldwide was 90 percent. In the United States its Market share was 65 percent and in China and Russia its share was only about 2 percent and 26 percent. Googles market share is
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