Google, Inc. And The Chinese International Gateway Internet Service Providers Essay

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Google, Inc. started service in China through, a version of its homepage in Chinese language. Although it is operated outside the country, the search results of search requests from China are monitored and filtered by the Chinese international gateway Internet service providers (ISP). Two years after the start of service in China, was down for two weeks and was slow and unreliable after reinstatement. As a result, Google, Inc. was losing market share in China. With the objective of developing a more sustainable strategy, the company conducted an analysis and comparative study. The output was a decision to establish physical presence through, a search engine that is based in China. However, the search results in are subjected to self – censorship and government monitoring and filtering as required by Chinese laws of the ISPs that are operating locally. Because of this decision, Google, Inc. is faced with criticism and bad publicity. The initial solution was to keep both and
Problem Statement Google, Inc. has to address negative publicity and decide on the best strategy in China.
Environmental Analysis The totalitarian government of China monitors the content of all locally operating ISPs and screens the search results of both local and international ISPs. Other international ISPs such as Yahoo! and Microsoft have local operations in China and thus have to abide by the Chinese laws and
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