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Executive Summary

This report aims to provide feasible growth strategies to Google Inc. who is facing different courses of action to pursue. The objectives of this report are to compare different market opportunities available to Google on the basis of implementation feasibility and growth potential and to make the most feasible recommendation to Google.

From industrial and internal analysis conducted, it is found that search industry is still favorable for Google. In addition, Google is in a great position in the industry with its unique search solutions and advertising techniques. However, with its creativity-oriented culture and diversified products and
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Internal Analysis


• Superior search algorithms such as PageRank algorithm and differentiated paid-listing strategy such as CTR bidding method focusing on relevance.

• Creativity-oriented organizational culture and highly flexible organizational structure

• Strong market presence, possessing highest market share in search engine industry

• Diversified products in many areas

• Highly capitalized and highly scalable infrastructure, including one million servers


• Governance and control almost solely in the hands of three top management executives which might lead to possible strategic risk taking

• Poor public relations, with engineer-minded top management having unorthodox practices without caring about publicity

• Employees with arrogance and not-in-build syndrome

Analysis of Options

Staying focused in Search area

Case for Option 1

• Search engine is its core business and it has excellent expertise and position in this area.

• Search algorithms still needs to be improved. Rather than letting competitors to take credits, Google should develop optimized search solutions gaining first mover advantage.

• It can also expand to content- analytics areas providing analytical data to businesses which it has been doing for its advertisers.

• It complies with Google’s mission making the world’s information accessible and useful.

Case against Option 1

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