Google Inc.: Nhl's San Jose Sharks

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Introduction & Background
Google Inc is an American multinational technology; provide internet related services and products including online search engine, online advertising technology, etc. So, it is big and important question for Google to invest on naming rights of NHL’s San Jose Sharks’ stadium. The current contract is with Hewlett Packard that will expire in 2016. The buying naming rights of the sports’ arena or stadium are latest marketing strategies in the market. The rights help in construction and operation of sports arena .This kind of strategy is known among newly established businesses or companies because they want to advertise in wide range of the population for long period because the rights buy for 5 years to 20 years. On
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The company’s ultimate goal of after such millions investment is that the increase of the market price of the company’s share which will support to increase the company’s shareholders’ value. Google’s independent variable is company’s stock price and dependent variable is its customers’ perceptions regarding this investment.
H1: Google customers’ negative attitude towards the investment on naming rights of NHL’s San Jose Sharks
H0: Google customers’ positive attitude towards the investment on naming rights of NHL’s San Jose Sharks
The main aim of the research is that how much Google’s market share price will influence by the investment on naming rights of NHL’s San Jose Sharks and it depends on the customers’ adverse or favorable reaction on such investment.
The objective of the research is that:
• To identify major influence on share market price of the Google
• To examine fans reaction on rename of the
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These are the states where the NHL’s most popular teams and San Jose Sharks itself are located. These states also have good population. For example, the research will be conduct in the cities where the stadiums are located, so, the random samples will be selected from the people who are the customers or user of the Google. Let us take New York City’s population: 24,481; population at San Jose: 56,872; population at Tampa: 13,173; population at Nashville: 11,552 (Nielsen: These area have been chosen where the NHL’s teams stadium
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