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Google Inc. (2010): The Future of the Internet Search Engine
Patricia A. Ryan

Google began with a mission: to create the ultimate search engine to help users tame the unruly and exponentially growing repository of information that is the Internet.
And most would agree that when the word “Google” became a verb, that mission was largely accomplished.1
IT HAD BEEN NEARLY SIX YEARS SINCE GOOGLE’S ATTENTION-grabbing initial public offering and, despite overall stock market weakness, Google remained strong. Although the stock moved with the market in general, the company returned significantly higher returns to its shareholders than did the S&P 500 (Exhibit 1). Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page had
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The company moved into public education, starting in Oregon with Google Apps for Education. Regarding the transformation of technology in education, Jeff Keltner, a senior manager at Google who worked with educational institutions to increase the use of Google’s technology in higher education, commented, “We don’t know what the future classrooms will look like. We want to work with schools in a continual evolution to discover what it could look like.”4 The use of Google Docs and Google
Spreadsheets in team projects provided the opportunity for increased technological application in the classroom in a manner that business professors had not had the opportunity to apply in the past.
Keltner stated that he did not see the biggest challenges as technology-based, but rather culturebased, in that business school professors must be willing and able to accept failure as a part of the process. He believed that the most successful adopters of Google technology will be those that have embraced the willingness to fail in order to drive to a higher level of success.
In 2010, Google was seen as a global leader in technology that was focused on the ways people obtained information. Simply by its growth and product and application development,

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Google Inc. (2010): The Future of the Internet Search Engine


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