Essay Google Innovation and New Product Management

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In this report, researcher will be answering two different questions from the assignment. First, the researcher will discuss and suggest some feasible application considerations when developing a new product development strategy for Google Glass. The information which included will be elaborated and discuss with examples. Next question, researcher will illustrate how Google Glass better manage innovation within the organization to stay ahead of its competitor in the industry? The information in question related will be discussed and elaborated in paragraph form. For conclusion, the researcher will be made after the two questions completely done. Final conclusion will be conducted with ways to improve and ideas to put into Google…show more content…
There are six basic needs of customers for a new product; there are friendliness, understanding and empathy, fairness, control, options and alternatives, lastly information. Said by Rosa. (2013). All these steps can be identifying by using several methods such as investigation and survey. The survey that done can determine what actually does the customers or potential customers needs and what they actually wish to have in future in terms of the technology or the functionality of the new developing product. This product development strategy is to ensure customer understand all the functionalities of the new product (Google glass) before they purchasing it. It is helps in keeping the customers instead of other competitors. As a nutshell, it also will gain the profitable of the company because the customers are already well known from the product and it will help on boosting the sales of the new product. Ongoing Corporate Planning
In ongoing corporate planning consideration, it will help to set up future direction for the product. The most important consideration for Google glass are the technology and innovation set up. In now a day's technology, almost every individual own a smartphone or tablet in their lifestyle. Google Company needs to implement something better and interesting to attract more customers to purchase their new product. Technology and innovation need to be in the ongoing corporate planning to ensure the product will success in the future
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