Google, Its Mission, And Its Business Model Essay

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Briefly describe Google, its mission, and its business model.

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Bin. Founders Page and Bin met at Stanford University in 1995. By 1996 they built a search engine (initially called BackRub) that used links to determine the importance of individual web pages. Google Inc. was born in 1998, when Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim wrote a check for $100,000 to that entity—which until then didn’t exist. Since the start, they 've focused on providing the best user experience possible. Google is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. Google the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web handling billions of customers’ every day. Google Search provides several features beyond searching for words. These include time zones, stock quotes, maps, weather forecasts, and sports scores. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s material and make it reachable and useful. Google founders are into building a business model based on a way of monetizing an activity for which we had been only too happy to stop paying. It is this monetization of dangling value that enables a business to sustain itself, compete for market share, and grow. They found a way to be a sole provider of something else in value chain that met its consumer needs. Google generated about $21 billion in revenue last year. The other side of Google 's hugely successful business plan is innovation.

Analyze the types of people that work at Google Google is a place that

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