Essay about Google Leadership

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Influencing a group of individuals to achieve a common goal is leadership in its simplest form and the three people responsible for this are Dr. Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer; Larry Page, Co-Founder & President, Products; and Sergey Brin, Co-Founder & President, Technology. Overseeing the company's technical and business strategy since 2001, Dr. Schmidt’s leadership has helped the company grow from a startup to a global enterprise while maintaining a culture of strong innovation. Larry Page the founding CEO grew the company to over 200 employees and profitability before moving into his role as president of products. Sergey Brin directs the research efforts of Google with areas of focus…show more content…
Transformational or Transactional
Transformational leaders are proactive, inspire, provide individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation and idealized influence to their staff. Learning opportunities are created, encouragement to solve problems and development of strong emotional bonds are tools transformational leaders provide. Finally transformational leaders possess integrity, vision, rhetorical and management skills, and motivate staff to aspire to goals beyond self-interest. Transactional leaders focus on setting objectives or goals and creating a reward system upon attainment of the goals. Google exhibits the transformational style of leadership that comes in part from their servant leadership style. Smith (2004) defines six components of servant leadership: valuing people, developing people, building community, displaying authenticity, providing leadership, sharing leadership the style adopted by Google leadership
Fulfillment of Functions Lashinsky (2006) breaks down the roles of the three top men at Google: Dr. Eric Schmidt is the front man, Larry Page is the visionary, and Sergey Brin is the boss. Eric Schmidt sets the company's overall agenda and provides direction on day-to-day issues; he is also the voice of Google with Wall Street and the news media. Larry Page, acknowledged as the thought leader of the company is seen to lead by example by getting in
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