Google Makes People Smarter?

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Google Makes People Smarter People are adapting, and changing their approach of how they seek knowledge: From hours, and hours of researching in the library to find information, to a five-second research on the internet with a click of a button? In an ever-changing world, humans are evolving with the ease of technology. The google search engine allows the users to search anything with the tip of their fingers. The World Wide Web has billions of website with information. People can search anything they want to know about. The innovation of the Google search engine surpassed its competitors because of its sophisticated algorithm. Is the Google search engine changing the way we think? Some people believe Google is making people stupid because…show more content…
According to the article, Google was initially called BackRub, but was changed to Google in 1997; “a mathematical term called googol, which is the numerical one followed by one hundred zeros” (Keeline 510). The term reflects Page, and Brin 's mission to organize an infinite amount of information on the web. In 1998, PC Magazine named Google the top search engine in its Top 100 Web Site because of the search engine 's “uncanny knack for returning extremely relevant results” (Keeline 510). The report from PC Magazine gave Google its first recognition in public. In 2006, Google became so popular that the word google was added as a verb to Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, and Oxford English Dictionary. Both dictionaries listed the word as “to search for information on the Internet using the Google search engine” (Keeline 510). Google search engine separated itself from its competitors because of its relevant search results. What makes the Google search engine great, and reliable to search for information? Simply put, Google uses a superior algorithm. An algorithm is a step-by-step instructions for solving a problem. The Google search engine returns relevant results making it a reliable source of information. The Google search engine is the best at selecting links that match the users search query. A January 2013 article in Electronics For
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