Google Management Style

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The Google Way to Do Business Rafael Appe Pinto Embry Riddle Aeronautical University MGMT 201 Mr. Labeouf. Abstract Business over the years had changed dramatically. With the advance of technology and the way we share information, there was a need for a change on most business structures. The old style pyramid, where there is an absolute boss and it breaks down into a chain of command through the different levels of an organization, have been proven outdated on today’s business world. Although this old method is still very relevant on an assembly line type of business, many companies had to change their management style in order to adapt to their product or service. As our society become more and more diverse, companies feel a…show more content…
That way, employees are more aware of corporate needs and are capable of making better decision in order to satisfy corporate needs. Since this type of flat organization have a tendency to depend more of interpersonal relationship among workers, it takes time to build such structure and it usually works better on small organizations. Another strategy adopted by companies is to show the performance of the staff. By diffusing this information among all the layers of the workers, companies are able to keep employees motivated, reduce mistakes, and minimize waste. Some companies like Corning Inc. have reported reducing their operator errors to zero for three consecutive months. The Google Way Google is a company that works as a collaborative environment and this environment begins right and the hiring process. Prospective candidates for a job go thru a series of surveys, tests and interviews in order to get a job in the company. This extensive process, ensure that company is hiring the right person for the job, because most likely, that person is going to be part of a team and it is imperative that person has not only the right skill set for the task being assigned, but also the right interpersonal skills to interact with the other members of the team. Google has been considered as the top company to work for several years in a
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