Google & Motorola - a Horizontal Merger Case

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2 1 Google, Inc. & Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. A Non-­‐Horizontal Merger & Acquisition Case Maastricht University School of Business and Economics Maastricht, 04 April 2012 Name: Gregor Hohls ID: i6001867 Study: International Business Economics Course: International Competition Policy Course Code: EBC2093 Group Number: 02 Tutor Name: G. Valletta Writing Assignment: Final Case Study Table of Contents 1. Introduction…show more content…
Its broad range of products goes from web search tools, via advertising services like AdSense or AdWords, communication and publishing services, development resources, map-­‐related products, statistical tools and desktop applications to mobile applications and the operating systems Android for mobile devices and ChromeOS for personal computers. (Google, Inc., 2012a) 2.2 Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. MMI, formerly the mobile devices division of Motorola Inc., became its own publically traded company in January 2011. In the 1990s it was the pioneer of the flip phone, the StarTac. With this and through its focus on this market segment it was able to develop its hit product, the super-­‐thin flip phone: Motorola RAZR. While these boosted its position in the analogue mobile phone market for a while, MMI’s slow adaption to digital technology made it lose the race to its rivals, e.g. Sony Ericsson or Nokia, in the beginning

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