Google Movie Reflection

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The Internship
Two salesmen, Billy and Nick, are made redundant due to technological advancements. In an attempt to prove that they are not obsolete, they manage to talk themselves into getting an internship at Google. Here they team up with weird and intelligent college students. The team is given multiple challenges and they compete against the smartest young minds in the country. The winner is given a job at the best company to work for. (Carvalho, 2014)

Main Characters

o Billy McMahon o Neha Patel o Nick Campbell o Graham Hawtrey o Stuart Twombly o Yo-Yo Santos

The movie is set Google’s Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, Carlifornia. (McCracken, 2013)

Central point
The point of the film is to disprove the saying that ‘you cannot teach an old dog some new tricks’. It is never too late find your purpose in life and to give other people purpose. Billy and Nick have been living their entire life by working for others and
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We went overboard on management and forgot about leadership”
-Grace Hopper (

Difference between management and leadership; o A manager has the power to instruct people without even giving them details of the reasons behind the instruction. o A leader has the ability to make other people follow him/her. He/she creates a desire in other people to do something.
Management styles; o Democratic – includes subordinates’ input in his/her decision. o Autocratic – does not include subordinates’ input and makes all the decisions themselves. o Laissez-faire – manager that does not give the details of how subordinates should do their work. He/she only gives them the task. o Transactional – this manager will always motivate his/her employees by giving them rewards for their work. o Transformational – naturally charismatic manager. He/she motivates employees and shows them why they matter. He/she emphasises teamwork and builds trust between team

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