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Google Inc. is one of the most successful and popular internet startups. Until now, it is the favorite search engine all the time due to its accuracy and speed in finding results. Besides its technological advances over its competitors, Google’s success also stems from its ability to attract and retain the best talented employees. During the internet boom in the late 90s, Google was the only company that did not experience any employee turnover, while all other major competitors experienced a turnover rates of around 20-25%.
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At these meetings, employees can pitch new ideas and projects directly to the top executives. * CLEAR MISSION STATEMENT AND VALUES
Having a clearly articulated mission that is prominently communicated to all employees cultivates an intentional culture – an environment where people know why they do what they do, and love their work all the more for it. Mission statements, however, are much easier to write than to make into reality. You need to realize that a company’s culture will hinge on its ability to make the words on paper meaningful, translating the intangible into something that has real worth and impact. * EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION FOR SMALL AND BIG CONTRIBUTIONS
Recognition provides incentives for employees to do the best work they can do. But as much as Google likes to seize opportunities to acknowledge strong performances, the company is equally willing to celebrate failure as well. Google products are known to always be in Beta – mistakes are praised. Before she became the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg was a vice president at Google whose responsibilities included managing their automated advertising system. When she made a mistake that cost Google several million dollars, she admitted her error to co-founder Larry Page, whose response sums up the company’s attitude on failure: “I’m so glad you made this mistake,” he said. “Because I want to run a company where we are moving
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