Google : Organizational Methods Of Creativity

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Google: Organizational Methods to Enhance Creativity Name Institution Date Course ABSTRACT The study focuses on the methods that organizations use to enhance creativity. These methods varied considerably from one organization to the other leading to difference in performance. The research also investigates how creativity process determines the eventual organizational performance. In an attempt to improve the level of creativity, organisations use various models and theories. There are three common theories of creativity which include; componential theory of creativity, the instructionist theory and the theory of individual creative action. This research focuses on the componential theory as it is the often used theory by most companies due to its preciseness and clarity. On the other hand, there are two models of creativity which are important in understanding the creative content. These are; Amabile’s Componential Model of the Social Psychology of Creativity and Interactionist Perspective Model of Organizational Creativity. Google is one of the companies that portrays an outstanding creativity. Google’s method of creativity, including their models, focuses on the employees. The creative process begins at the initial stage of hiring their employees. However, they also carry out constant training and coaching. Furthermore, Google support and motivate its employees. INTRODUCTION Rapid change, global competition together the increasingly demanding business
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