Google Organizational Structure Essay

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Abstract Google has been one of the most well known search engines in the world for many years now. The organization is well known for getting people the information that they need when they want it. This type of a company will encounter issues that a normal business wouldn’t however. The organizational structure is very different because they are made up of many shareholders that have a say in what the company does and turns into. In this paper many questions will be addressed and answered about how Google’s organization works and what could improve it. Insights on Organizational Design Google has a very different organizational structure than most companies have to deal with. It is made up of many different share holders and…show more content…
This is a very democratic and simple way to design a company and if it works for them then why change it? The way that Google has structured itself and divided up the stock has put Brin and Page in a position to which they will be able to retain most of the power of the company aside from the stockholders. The questions that the other stockholders have about the way that the company is structured will not have a very large affect on the overall future of it. They will have very little say in the decisions of how to run the company. Competitive Challenges With Google’s success also came a very large wealth for not only the owners, but the staff who has invested in the stock options and work for the company on a regular basis. This could present challenges within the company because they have to continue to keep their workers happy in order to retain them. There are some contractors that may not have made as much money as others, but Google needs to also find a way to keep them motivated to continue coming up with good and innovative ideas. Google has faced a lot of competition already in the beginning stages of the product, but there are many more that a wait. They have already fought

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