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Google mission and Business model Google mission statement is very simple and clear. “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Their vision for google is to make the search engine commanding so that understand “everything in the world” (Google) Google’s business model is Business Model Canvas. This model provides key information on the strategy of Google’s business. Google who is recognized as one of the top leading technology company in the world and one of the most widespread search engines on the internet that is used by many. Because Google is one of the most widely used search engine which attracts advertisers to Google services in order for them to reach a higher…show more content…
(Google) Leadership role of the Google members are those that are bubbled down through the organization, entrepreneurship, commitment, creativity and visionaries. This is what make Google who they are today.
Identify two examples of services or amenities that Google provides to its employees, interns, partners, and visitors.

Google offers an attractive employee perk package to employees who are looking for employment with Google such as:
• Free food cooked by a company chef
• Access to company daycare facilities
• Exercise gyms
These incentives are granted to employees to encourage with a stress free environment and allow a creativity atmosphere. These types of incentives helps with retention, and healthier life styles. The atmosphere that Google has created was well thought out plan when starting Google. They first understand what works in the workplace and how to run a successful business. They cultivate an environment for employees where they like their job and create loyalty, flexible, and transparency. With all the perks and benefits that are offered it inspires you to work hard, stay motivated and creates challenges. With all the incentives and freedom to work independently with very minimum supervision, along with human resources screening for the right candidate to come on board, only allows for their employees to be innovative, clear thinkers, and creative to continue moving the company in

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