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Internal and External factors
MGT 230
July 19, 2010

This paper deliberates the internal and external factors about the Google industry, and the ways it affects the four functions of management. The internal factors include the company’s strength and weakness that displays their success or downfall. The internal factors reveal the company’s strength on how well it can meet their goals. The internal factors of an industry are factors of good or poor planning because it exposes their ethics, diversity, globalization, and so forth. On the other hand, the external factors may involve with their outside competition, social legal, technology changes, political, and economic environment. The external factors show their duties to
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Google must plan accordingly to be successful in the search engine market. Organizing can be very challenging to new companies. Google has grown and would not function correctly without organization. Google will strive to make improvements wherever it can but will not change things working effortlessly. Once organized, managers should direct employees on the goals of the company. Managers should oversee the staff to ensure procedures and processes are adhered to and to look for those directives not working. Controlling is the last function of management. Controlling involves establishing performance standards and evaluates employees. A manager should not reduce the standards to solve an individual performance problem. Technology can affect this function and should be used to help the process. Managers may have the employees conduct their evaluation within the company intranet. This reduces the workload and is good for the environment.
Furthermore, Google is a company that highlights and is proud of its diversity both internally and externally from creating groups for employees to celebrate their differences to honoring cultural and historical events on its homepage. This company’s success depends on its teams of employees and has launched different programs such as black googler group, women Google groups and LGBT googlers to highlight and learn from everyone’s differences. Google emphases that everyone is unique and has
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