Essay on Google Self Driving Car

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Google Self-Driving Car

Pranaw Kumar

Submitted to Dr. Dale Carl
2nd October 2014

Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario, 2014

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Macro Environmental Analysis 5 PESTEL 5 Political 5 Economic 5 Social 5 Technological 6 Environmental 6 Legal 6 Summary 7 Micro Environmental Analysis 7 Porter’s Five Forces 7 Bargaining Power of supplier 7 Threat of substitutes 8 Bargaining power of customers 8 Threat of New entrants 8 Competitive rivalry 8 Summary 9 Conclusion 10 References 11

Executive Summary
With continuous change in technology there is always continuous advancement in life style, and Google Self-drive car is
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In past also machine have be efficient than human like computers. The only big concern is that this technology car involves human life and one small error can cause life which makes it difficult to make a very reliable automated system. However with Google competency in terms of technology and exiting intellect capital it seems to be very achievable target to enter and excel in this market.

Few years back autonomous systems like self-driving car was always part of fictitious stories and now it’s been realized by advancement of technology. This technological innovation is giving birth to completely new industry, can be called as Autonomous vehicles industry and mostly be subset of auto industry. Google being pioneer in software technology is leading this new industry with its completely autonomous self-driving car with already 700,000 accident-free miles without human intervention (The VERGE, 2014). This industry seems to be very promising as it solves many ongoing issues like freedom for old and disabled people, less traffic congestion, less accidents etc. It will bring complete change in many industries like insurance industry, repair industry, driving industry, medical industry etc. Among these some of them will be completely wiped out like driving industry.
Canadian market is good for such advanced technology
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