Google Strategic Audit

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Executive Summary:
Beginning in the 1990’s, the world has witnessed a tremendous growth in the World Wide Web. This boom has resulted in an unstoppable technological revolution that continuous to change our lives. The 20th century has blossomed with the rapid expansion of the Internet. Yet, this expansion has brought with it both, opportunities and challenges; particularly, in the “dot- com” industry. As a result, companies of all kinds employed the Internet as a tool to expand their business reach. For others, the Internet was a new “gold mine” that gave birth to a multi-billion dollar business, named “Google”.
Google is one of the most successful corporations that have ever been established. Through innovation, persistence, growth,
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Google has more than 150 domain names. Google offers search information in different languages, offers products like stock quotes and sports scores, find news headlines, and lookup addresses of local post office or even grocery stores. In addition you can also find images videos, maps, patents and much more.

Organization’s mission statement, vision, goals and objectives and analysis:

As we can infer from the table above, Google‘s mission is consistent with its objectives in terms of how they complement each other. In its mission, Google promises to organize the world’s information and make it available for everyone to access. On the other hand, Google’s first objective is to provide information independent of any financial incentives. Moreover, they clearly state that their profits are mainly derived from advertising while information providing is for free. Google focuses on improving its operation by achieving higher quality products in order to better satisfy consumers, while the objectives precisely states that Google will employee all potential technological developments to improve users’ experience.

Board of directors and analysis:
September 1998 was a significant date for Google when its co-founders Larry Page, president of products, and Sergey Brin, president of technology, brought it life. Google witnessed an extreme growth where now it employees 20,000 people worldwide. Google is famous in having a management team that represents some of
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