Google Strategic Plan Essay

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Google Strategic Plan - Report Name: Institution: Abstract The paper aims to examine the strategic plan by Google and the company’s dominance on the internet. The report will leverage my earlier reporting information by synthesizing the information into an informed strategic plan. Scholarly articles and scientific literatures will also be used as a backdrop for the report. The findings from the report indicate that Google is sweeping the world and is currently a threat to Microsoft. The ability to provide relevant searches and link seekers to opportunities gives the company a competitive advantage on the internet. However, there are many companies competing for dominance on the same niche. Nevertheless, Google’s…show more content…
The company takes complete consideration of its visitors whether trying a new interface or tweaking the look of the homepage. What is more, the company fights to ensure that placement in the search engine is never sold to anyone, courtesy of a great team. The effectiveness of this approach is unmatched and especially when it comes to evaluating the customer’s experience. The impact of clients in any organization is at best exclusive and Google offers no chances of compromise to customer service. Another approach by Google in the creation of a competitive advantage is continued iteration of problems. The company does search and features one of the greatest research groups focused exclusively in solving problems. Because of collective efforts and teamwork, the company is able to realize results and create a competitive advantage over other Search companies in the industry (Levy, 2011). The continuous improvements realized by a committed and talented team increase the effectiveness in serving customers and ensuring that they are retained. The company’s dedication towards improving the search and placement helps the team apply what is learnt in products and services like Google Maps and Gmail. The competitive advantage leveraged by the company ensures that people access and use the ever-expanding information on a daily basis. Google believes that democracy works in the web. The Google search
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