Google, The Co Founder Of Google

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Report: Google 1. Purpose The IT entrepreneur I’ve decided to research on is Larry Page, the co-founder of Google. This report covers the purpose of Google as a search engine, the technologies that it uses for its searches, how it managed to beat its predecessors and the hardware that it uses, both old and new ones. The reason why I chose Google is because I’ve been using it for a number of years now and I thoroughly enjoy the experience of surfing the web with it. 2. Key Information 1.1 Introduction The idea of Google developed when its founders wanted to organize an “infinite” amount of information on the web. It was first called “Backrub”, and later on adopted the name Googol, after a mathematical terminology. The founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin worked on their idea for 3 years before deciding to incorporate it. It officially became a company in the year 1998. Google started off as a search engine, and it maintains its core business until now. The main benefits of having a search engine include quick results for intended searches, as search engines extract information from the web and display in an organized manner. Google quickly became the most popular search engine due to several reasons. Firstly, this is due to speed of delivering search results. When it first launched, Google used several different computers to

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