Google –an Entrepreneurial Juggernaut:

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Summary of Case: Google –An Entrepreneurial Juggernaut:
The birth of Google was in 1998 by two young doctoral students from Stanford University, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They dropped out of Stanford to start up their business. In the mid-1990s searching on the internet was not efficient and time consuming. Therefore search engines helped with organizing the internet like yahoo and Alta Vista. They still did not perfect searching on the internet, so Page and Brin analyzed Web links, and they developed a ranking system for searching on the internet, that depended on the relevance to the object of the search. They first made this search engine available to students and faculty on Stanford campus, by word of mouth. It was very
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The principle that one has a professional relationships and profit will follow. This relationship marketing is to benefit customers and operations that surround the company. Overall adding value to the product or service. Google lacking customer service illustrates a gap in the holistic marketing concept, causing them to lose revenue and losing valuable customers.
Identify the central strategic marketing issues:
Google has a lack of customer relationship, they use automate customer interactions, which does not give customers personal contact. Customers feel negative toward their lack of customer service. This causes a problem with public relations. How a company is perceived is vitally important this is publicity, and in large could affect the company. Since, Google is successful with their search engine and their brilliant way to advertise, they don’t feel the need to invest in good customer service. Quality customer service is a critical in a company's ability to sustain profit and prolong success in business. Customer service creates loyalty for company, it assures customer to return and overall increase profit. Google should use “A strategic window of opportunity which is a traditional way of doing business that is successful in the industry” (Hartley, 2009). In this case a strategic window of opportunity is satisfying Google’s customers. This is a great opportunity to gain

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