Google and Internet Privacy

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Google and Internet Privacy
In this exercise on ethics and privacy policy we focus our studies on an oft occurring situation in offices that have multiple employees sharing office resources that may lead to intrusive instances.
The case refers to a couple of employee’s complaints of unwarranted pop-ups on their computers from unsolicited advertisers. In particular, the ads pertain to some sorts of HIV/AIDS medications that stimulate recovery from this fatal disease or at least help cope with it. The immediate suspicion goes toward targeted marketing carried out by many online advertisers today using pervious browsing history and other such tools available to them. The employees delve about the possibility of who these ads were targeted
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Despites its detailed privacy policy and the many reminders to read and understand the same, users feel compelled to agree to any and every rule that they make so as not to be left out in the information revolution that the world seems to be warped by. This is extended to the extent of the sanctity of personal emails and even our home being challenged by Google products like Google Ads in Gmail and Street view on Google maps.
The argument here is based on the premise that in today’s day and age where we share much information online on sites like Google and Facebook we have to admit that there is a certain amount of privacy we hold dear that is being taken away from us through such activities as cookie tracking and preferential scanning of content and the fact that this leads to embarrassment when on public computers.
The fact that Charlie was zeroed in on based on a cursory perceptive judgment speaks volumes of how little information can go a long way in ostracizing a person. Do we really believe that a loner is more prone to AIDS than a college going easy go lucky chap.
Also, the ostracizing of the person blamed will evidently have repercussions. Are these necessary? Do we really need to subject a person who is already conscious of his condition (HIV positive) to further wallow in pity. Since the material found was not of a highly objectionable nature but is very questionable of its source the matter would go on to deeply hurt the
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