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Searching for a search engine Why is achieving a significant level of brand familiarity especially important for Google’s competitors? Google dominates the global search market –controlling more than 80% of it – therefore is important for its competitors to focus on their costumers and their needs. Since Google is worldwide known and people are ‘googling’ all the time, it is important for competitors such as Bing, Baidu and Yandex to offer specialized services and to raise awareness of its current clients to increase their brand familiarity and, as a consequence, loyalty. As more people know and, more importantly, have a good experience with these kind of search engines, the more they are likely to grow and become more appealing…show more content…
Are consumers likely to search by brand or search by attribute when comparing search sites? Which process is likely to favor the specialized search sites? The choice of the consumer depends mostly on its goals and preferences. Both goals and preferences are closely related with emotions and past experiences of usage so people would prefer the search engine that is able to give them what they are looking for. The specialized search engines are able to fulfill the niche of the market that is related with very detailed technical information or they can also specialized themselves in one single subject that they feel to be useful to their particular set of consumers (segmentation). Given the role of prototypicality in recall of search engine brands, what do you think niche search sites should do to get into the consideration set? Nowadays, when people are asked to name a search engine, doubtless the majority will answer Google. What did they do to make/shape the mind of consumers for them to have this high level of awareness for their search engine? They constantly improve it, add more features, it can be used on tablets and on smartphones and probably the most important thing is that Google is perceived as reliable and effective by consumers. The specific search engines besides the need of being feasible, they also need to address stimuli to the consumers, for example trough advertisement, to move their search engines into the consideration

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