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1. Using competitor intelligence from the case material, assess the levels of market commonality and resource similarity that Google has with three key industry competitors. How will they influence competitive behavior and the intensity of rivalry? Market Commonality refers to the number of different markets two or more direct competitors are involved in. For instance Sony and Samsung are direct competitors and are involved in number of different markets which includes Smartphones, Televisions, and Hi Fi Systems and so on. Market commonality also pertains to the degree of importance each competitors give to their each market. For instance, Sony and Samsung may give more importance to their Television line of products because it either…show more content…
Flickr a popular photo sharing application is a direct competitor to the Google’s Picasa. So, in essence, Yahoo is a multi-market competitor of Google and their competition does not end there. Their tangible and intangible resources are also comparable. For instance, both Yahoo and Google have high powered servers and large data centers that backup and power their various online applications. Both have more than two decades of experience in consumer level applications and services. Both have garnered a strong goodwill and are among the most popular internet companies in the world. Since both of their customers are online and consumers of services such as search engine and emails, their competition would fierce in this respect and would naturally get intense as they release new products to encompass new users in their online ecosystem. Microsoft operates in many geographic locations around the world and are behind the world’s most popular desktop operating system in the world. Microsoft is primarily a software company but have flexed their arms into internet services and are behind certain products in consumer market which is directly against Google. Microsoft’s market includes end-customers, enterprises and institutions just like Google. Some of the key Microsoft products are Bing which is a search engine just like and Microsoft ad center which is a direct

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