Google 's A Global Company

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Jack Stangler
Global Company Report #1 - 10/4/15

Where do you go when you seek an answer to a question? If the answer is Google, you join the millions of internet users across the globe who visit the Google website every day. Google is not just an internet search engine however; their vast line of products and services compete in just about every industry out there. Google has made an immense effort to become a daily part of our digital lives by offering free email service through Gmail, low cost smartphones with its Android program, fast web browsing with Google Chrome, as well as Google Apps for business productivity. Since the company’s founding in the United States in 1998, Google has rapidly expanded its global reach and has offices in over 40 countries including China, India, Australia, and Nigeria. Based on 2014 financial results, 55% of Google’s total revenue came from their international operations, illustrating the global nature of their business.
Google’s origin can be traced back to Stanford University, where graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin met in 1995. These two twentysomethings had many ideas about the function of the world wide web and how the information contained on it could be analyzed, cataloged, and searched. Not satisfied with existing search engines such as Yahoo!, they used their backgrounds in computing to build a prototype web search engine they would later name Google, in reference to the ‘googol’, a mathematical term for

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