Google 's An Innovative Company

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Google an Innovative Company There is a fallacy that innovation is predominately technology-based. As technology and globalization tear down geographic boundaries; innovation has become a core driver for growth, performance and valuation. Strategic innovation is exclusively Google’s approach on providing growth and high performance results across the company. Using the rules of innovation, this paper will analyze and evaluate Google’s framework, tools and strategies used and their operating guidelines that have branded them a Fortune 500 company. Leadership’s Direction and Decisions Building great products depends on great people is Google’s philosophy that drives success in this company. Google’s drive of hiring people who are determined and smart over experience is how they have designed the culture that exists today. Google’s culture of wanting things to happen and trusting their employees to make it happen clearly separates them from other business markets. Their ability to motivate, support and reward activities within their company has been one of the main activities that continues to encourage innovation—to include innovations themselves (cite). Integrating Innovation and Business According to Larry Bock, Senior Vice President Google’s Peoples Organization, (cite) tapping its employees and allowing their ideas to percolate up has keeps the pipeline of innovation moving forward. With the open culture at Google, everyone is a contributor and has the ability
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