Google 's Effect On Our Brain Essay

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Google’s effect on our brain
In the July-August 2008 Atlantic magazine, Nicholas Carr published "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" ( In this article Nicolas Carr argues that the internet is changing how one thinks, and how it is causing a bad effect on one’s brain. I have to disagree. Although the internet is constantly changing, it helps in a positive way. Firstly, google has become a great resource for educational purposes. Secondly, the internet has become a great resource for intercultural experiences. Due to the general population spending most of their time on computer’s and smart phones, this information is accessible to us whenever needed.
Carr’s entire argument is how the internet is making the population weak minded, which is easily clearly arguable with the resources available to us now. Some examples of resources are online school, library databases, educational games, daily newspapers, and even books are now sold online and school is being provided online to be more accessible to us. The hyperlinks that Carr mentions in his article as we “power browse” (1), in fact the internet/google is more helpful in going further into a subject being studied. For instance if someone is trying to research a sickness, the search starts with google, entering the sickness which leads them to an article, possibly Wikipedia, then a hyperlink is introduced to a subject they aren’t educated on, one would read further to gain more helpful
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