Google 's Human Resources Management

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According to (Sullivan, 2013) Google has shifted into the top 3 most valuable firms in the world. Google’s success can be credited because of their successful human management, the result of using “people analytics” in their human resources management (Sullivan, 2013). Google is a technological firm, which requires new innovation, and Google has found a way to spike innovation in their employees by using people management (Sullivan, 2013). (Sullivan, 2013) has mentioned that for an innovative environment executives would have to reinvent human resources to increase innovation.

Policies and Procedures

Google has been implementing a unique human resource technique known as “ People Analytics “ and they are the leading
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(cipd,2014) As an international company, Google had made full use of this theory in managing employees’ performances. Quoting from Bryant (2011), the three main points that Google used were simple and obvious: “Have a clear vision and strategy for the team”, “Help your employees with career development”, and” Don’t be a sissy: Be productive and results-orientated.” As Google believes in employees’ their managers affect performances, they started a plan called Project Oxygen where they aim to build better leaders. (Bryant,2011) Training and teaching programs were done, just to implant the three points to their managers, as well as monitoring and request for a performance review with each employee, which was paid off quickly and successfully.

Reward Management
Google is leading the way to restructure management, so employees can streamline ideas that produce blockbuster new products. They are rewarding their employee with onsite swimming pool, allow them to bring their pet to work, childcare service and all the food are free for their employees.
Researchers found that there was improvement in the efficiency of work due to the fact that employees felt valued (Matteson, 1996).
Google has been rewarded by Fortune magazine “The best place to work” in 2009. People are
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