Google 's Largest Internet Search Engine

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As the internet continues to transform, so have web search engines utilized around the world. The beginning years of web based search witnessed a number of major search engines including AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and Netscape to name a few. Since Google’s inception, other search engines have taken a back seat. Generally accepted as an industry leader in web search engines, Google has rapidly developed into one of the most valuable companies in the world. Controlling roughly 67.5 percent of U.S. based search queries; Google has established itself as a dominant leader in web searches followed by Bing and Yahoo. While Googled has a stranglehold of U.S. search volume, the company continues to grow and offer services globally. To this point Google…show more content…
The company placing the advertisement is only charged when the ad is clicked. As a result, Baidu has an incentive to place ads from higher paying companies in prime locations. It is estimated that 99.7 percent of Baidu’s $3.5 billion in 2012 revenue was generated from online marketing and advertising services. Baidu’s web based services most similarly replicate Googles; offering a variety of services such as maps, news, video and encyclopedia searches.
How Google generates income While Google and Baidu operate in similar web based services, Google’s ventures expand far wider. It is estimated that 2013 revenue exceeded $57 billion from multiples business sectors such as advertising, Android operating system and YouTube video technology to name a few. A majority of revenue is generated from advertising from Google platforms, AdWords and AdSense. 2013 financial data suggests that advertising generated $50 billion in revenue for Google.
Google AdWords is an online advertising program for companies and advertisers to reach new customers. Google allows companies to bid on the placement of an advertisement and keywords associated with company websites. As individuals search words or phrases related to a business, the company’s advertisement or website will appear on Google. Google generates revenues on a cost per click basis. Companies are only charged when their advertisement is clicked. Similarly, Google AdSense is advertisements

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