Google 's Main Revenue Comes From Selling Small And Unobtrusive Advertisements

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Google’s main revenue comes from “selling small and unobtrusive advertisements on related topics so-called ‘sponsored links’ alongside the search results”, also called paid listings (Caufield, 2005). Advanced, it expanded its domain beyond the search by creating products such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Finance, Google Docs, and Google Calendar. These are free tools attractive to users. Google’s goal is to create a large and stable user base and gather relevant information about its consumers to match them with advertisers.

Monetization plan

Google’s monetization plan is based on users rather than selling an actual product. It allows to monetize without asking for money directly from users. As explained in the Google case study,
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Worse yet is when the website linked to has false medical claims”. This fact makes the company target for lawsuits.

Corporate Values and the Business Environment

Google’s corporate values play an integral role in how it is viewed by those inside and outside the company. They reflect its persona and inform decision making. The fact that Google operates in a dynamic environment makes these values all the more important as guideposts as changes happen around and within the company. The three corporate values highlighted by Edelman and Eisenmann (2011) are “don’t be evil, technology matters, and we make our own rules.”

Don’t Be Evil

An important part of Google’s business model is the trust of its users. People trust Google to provide honest search results that reflect Google’s belief that “democracy on the web works.” Google even states in its philosophy that “[o]ur users trust our objectivity and no short-term gain could ever justify breaching that trust” (“Ten things we know to be true”). Without such a guidepost, developers may have been tempted to manipulate search results for the company’s profit. Its practice of labeling advertising as “Sponsored Link” further serves to bolster users trust be keep search results transparent. As the
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