Google 's Objectives Of Google Essay

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Google’s Objectives
Google’s main focus is to push the limits of existing technology to provide a fast, accurate and easy-to-use service that anyone seeking information can access. Google has been focusing on providing the best user experience possible. Its key ingredients are relevance, comprehensiveness, freshness and speed providing users with best possible result.
Google wants to have an improved infrastructure to make their engineers more productive. They want to expand the workforce for anticipated growth, expand further into international markets, and continue developing new products.
Google wants to push their ad system since they take it very seriously. In addition, support thousands of advertisers to use Google’s AdWords program advertising.
It also focuses on innovation and make sure that their tools are running everywhere. Similarly, competitor like Apple, Facebook has been attacking Google from all side so they focus on development and research to bring new products to users.
Google have also financial objectives to promote their products and services on the web. Google has been investing a lot these past years. Therefore, one of its financial objectives is to increase its Return on capital employed. Furthermore its main source of income is advertisement where a company’s website pays google certain amount of money whenever their website is clicked. Therefore, Google has to increase the cost per click in order to increase their revenue.

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